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heri Myers - 30+ Years of Real Estate Experience in Las Vegas!!

Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you're going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus. 
--Oprah Winfrey, 0 Magazine,July 2003 

Apparently, Sheri Myers of Windermere Prestige Properties and Oprah think along the same lines, because meeting Sheri is encountering a rush of positive energy. Upbeat, professional, and an excellent listener are just a few of the qualities that this woman emanates. 

"I'm very fortunate to be blessed with a high-level of energy and enthusiasm which I think is relayed to my clients," she says. 

Amazingly, not only has she completed over thirty years in the real estate industry, but there is a fascinating story of the pre-REALTOR® Sheri to tell as well! 

Raised in Denver, Colorado Sheri received a degree in English and Business Administration from Colorado State University, but later traded her degree for a tour in summer stock, performing with a troupe based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

"I've always loved to sing and wanted to perform in some venue," she says, flashing her signature smile, "I was paid $25 a week, but the thrill was worth it!" Just as her entertainment career was taking off, Sheri became a flight attendant with Continental Airlines, studying music while in-flight. 

Soon she "landed" in Las Vegas where she lit up the stage in the "Tom Jones" musical at the Desert Inn Hotel. Several other "gigs" followed, but just as Las Vegas has evolved leaving the "D.I. Hotel" as only a memory, so did Sheri's career direction. 

"I'm a night person and the entertainment scene fit my energy level," she admits, "but in 1977 after so much 'gypsy life' I was ready to lay down roots.' 

Fortunately, for her hundreds of clients, she decided to stay in Las Vegas and was surprised at how easy it was to choose her new direction. Drawing upon happy childhood memories of viewing numerous open houses with her parents every weekend, Sheri was drawn to real estate. 

So, in late 1976 she got her license and jumped in with both feet, just as she has approached everything else in her colorful life. 

"From the first day, I knew real estate was for me" she says. "It was a perfect blend from the beginning." 

Sheri is delighted to be associated with WINDERMERE PROPERTIES which is a dynamic company with offices in 8 states and over 8000 real estate agents. 

"I just knew it was a company I wanted to be involved with. I'm able to offer excellent service to both buyers and sellers in every price range" she says. "From the beginning I was impressed with their emphasis on putting the client first and foremost in every respect." 

This was just one aspect that coincided precisely with Sheri's own philosophy of doing business. Attention to detail has always been one of her strong suits, and the WINDERMERE approach paralleled this as well. 

"I'm so proud to be associated with such a class act", she says, "from the myriad services and perks we provide our clients to our elegant, warm, friendly offices. When people arrive at one of our offices it's almost as if they're being welcomed into someone's home." 

In her own home, Sheri shares her private life with her husband, Mel, and their two adorable dogs:  Lacee and Cupcake !! 

Mel is a top-notch salesperson at Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz, where he displays the same personal approach with his clients as Sheri does with hers. "Mel is known for his terrific sense of humor and vibrant personality," notes Sheri, "He's also an avid tennis player, enjoying the game at least four times a week." 

As a couple, they enjoy a very active social life as well and love going to shows, movies, plays and other forms of entertainment. During quiet times, Sheri and Mel enjoy their home and watching their dogs romp. 

But based on a"sneak peek" at Sheri's day-planner it would seem she's on the go with her clients almost 24/7. Whether it's meeting with them, planning their marketing strategies, or showing properties to her many buyers,  it's obvious this is one REALTOR® who is always giving her clients her very best. 

Still a performer at heart, Sheri believes in utilizing every opportunity to showcase her clients' homes.  

"Pictures, pictures, pictures;' she says with a laugh. "Seriously, I'm a big believer in lots of photos. 'I would never consider putting one of my listings on the Internet without multiple photos. Virtual tours are also something I do for my clients. People want to see photos and the more the better!" 

Here again, her idea of marketing coincides with her company whose Internet marketing and approach is above and beyond! 

It's evident that Sheri is perfectly matched with WINDERMERE and has found a permanent home. 

This is a company that truly offers a very unique approach than what most people are accustomed to in their real estate dealings. 

In addition to her REALTOR® and broker status, Sheri has also earned the coveted CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designation. "I am proud of this designation," she admits, "because I use the knowledge constantly and because I believe it reflects a degree of professionalism, education, and production.  And it puts me in touch with other CRS professionals throughout the country." 

When asked what she enjoys about real estate Sheri doesn't even hesitate to reply. "I love the unpredictable nature of this business," she says enthusiastically. "It keeps it fresh and interesting for me. No two transactions are ever alike, no two clients are alike, and every situation has its own variations and challenges." 

Note that she uses the term "challenges" not problems -- just another reflection of that positive energy referred to earlier. "I like to consider myself someone who's adept at finding solutions," she says with confidence. "If handling a real estate transaction was a simple matter, people wouldn't need a REALTOR®! In reality this is a very complex and intricate business and many people not directly involved do not even realize the intricacies of it and how many pieces have to come together in order to reach a successful conclusion. That's why it never gets dull or boring, there's always something new to keep you on your toes and more new things to learn every day!" 

So what does the future hold for this veteran REALTOR@? According to Sheri, it all comes back to that amazing energy! 

"I sincerely pray that my level of energy and enthusiasm remains with me for a long time because it's definitely served me well so far in this business." she says. "Real estate requires not only energy but the willingness to go the extra mile." 

Sheri Myers has that energy and always goes the extra mile! 


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Sheri Myers
Sheri Myers

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